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Sciton Pro Fractional with Micro Laser Peel

Reno Medical Spa ProFactional & MicroLaserPeel

Sciton Pro Fractional with Micro Laser Peel treatment combines the Pro Fractional and Micro Laser Peel for those patients with moderate to severe sun damage, acne scars or wrinkles. The Micro Laser Peel is performed first to a depth determined by the amount of damage, the skin type and the amount of downtime the patient can tolerate.


Treating with ProFractional alone can help stimulate collagen, but for the desired overall effect, several treatments may be required over a period of time. Treating with MLP alone may be too shallow a procedure for some indications because it doesn’t reach the middermis. By combining ProFractional with MLP, you can treat deeply into the dermis for tone and texture improvements, and apply a superficial resurfacing to remove the visible signs of sun damage.Combining the ProFractional treatment with an MLP adds a youthful radiance to the skin, resulting in a
much happier patient.

The ProFractional creates narrow channels of ablation that stimulate collagen remodeling, giving some of the benefits of deep resurfacing without creating excess necrotic debris that hinders wound healing.The precise adjustability of ProFractional is useful for treating different areas of the face. The user can selectively
choose the treatment depth and density of spots to provide uniform color, texture and tone to the face – and can do so without the scabs, crusting, and the associated long downtime of heavy ablation. The MLP treats 100%
of the surface of the skin to put on a finishing touch, especially around sensitive areas such as the eyelid, adding a more uniform look and a youthful radiance to the skin. The overall effect is more dramatic than either treatment alone.

The treatment of scarring is a popular indication for ProFractional alone as well as in combination with MLP. Acne and trauma-induced scarring creates uneven texture and often uneven color and tone in the skin as well. The
one-two punch of superficial resurfacing and deep-penetration collagen remodeling helps blend these textures.

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