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What to Know When Considering a Breast Augmentation

So you have probably done your research on everything that goes into a breast augmentation. You’ve searched the web, asked your peers, read blog posts, and now you’ve landed yourself here. Well it is good that you have, because Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye are Reno, Nevada’s preferred plastic surgeons. Their thorough care and ability [...]

Mentor – The Only Implant Made in the United States

After decades of research and testing, MemoryGel® Breast Implants were FDA approved for women in the US in 2006 – an important advancement in the field of breast augmentation. MemoryGel® Breast Implants come in either a textured or smooth surface shell and are available in a wide range of sizes and profiles to fit your [...]

The Mommy Makeover

Giving birth can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a woman's life. Unfortunately, pregnancy and breast-feeding often result in unwanted changes in a woman's body, such as drooping breasts, enlarged areolas, a straighter waist, pockets of fat in the abdomen, stretch marks, and a sagging tummy that no amount of exercise and dieting [...]

Rhinoplasty – Know How To Deal With Nasal Tip Swelling

RHINOPLASTY is one of the most notable cosmetic surgery procedures, which is involved with the reshaping of nose. Whether you have an unbalanced nose, or you want to remove those unwanted bumps, RHINOPLASTY offers the best solutions. Again, if you got injured in some accidents which led to airway obstructions in your nose, or if [...]

Tips To Recover After Eyelid Surgery

When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me that eyes are capable of conveying thoughts, arouse emotions and attract people with its intense and mysterious element. And I thought it was just one of her bedtime stories. As I grew older and wiser I realized it was not a fairytale after all. [...]