Amber Venturing Out: My Treatment Review

Let me start by saying that I’ve never had a cosmetic treatment before today, outside from a standard facial- and even those have been limited. However, now seemed like the right time to venture out. I grew up on the beaches of Southern California and was both an avid swimmer and competitive runner well into my late 20s. While I wasn’t lathering on baby oil in my youth, I also wasn’t wearing sunscreen regularly. At this point in time, my skin care routine also consisted solely of cheap body wash. I didn’t start taking care of my skin until I reached 30, when much of my skin damage had already been done.

When I read about the LaseMD treatment it seemed like the perfect treatment for me. I’m a 43-year-old red head with fair skin. My skin pigment is beginning to change on my face, I have also started noticing dark spots where cute freckles once used to be. While I was researching the LaseMD, I learned that combining this treatment with Microneedling would provide a more successful outcome.

Genius Microneedling uses micro needling combined with radio frequency heat to resurface your skin and promote collagen production. This treatment is a great non-surgical alternative as it is optimal for skin tightening and firming along with helping to reduce fine lines. LaseMD uses laser-based technology to resurface the skin, reduce fine lines and improve uneven skin tone and texture that is common in the aging process.

Combining these two services together seemed like the perfect combo to achieve maximum results. After learning more about both procedures, I decided to take the next step and book my appointment at Hall and Wrye Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spa to get started! The world of skin care and laser treatments is new to me and thinking about people using lasers and needles made me fearful. However, all my concerns were put to rest when I found out that Hall and Wrye  only allow certified nurses and Laser Technicians to perform these treatments. They also always have two award-winning and experienced doctors on hand to assist just in case.

Sherisse, the Product Specialist and Manager of the Mae Anne Location, and Chanelle, a Certified Laser Technician and Aesthetician were wonderful. The day of my treatment I asked a million questions, and they answered all of them. They walked me through the process and set realistic expectations on timeframes, healing, and pain. I understood going into this, that Microneedling can hurt, and well frankly, it did hurt! Initially I was a bit scared of the Microneedling portion. However, I have a few tattoos and those hurt too, but were tolerable, so I figured, how bad can it really be? Before starting the treatment, they put a topical numbing cream all over my face and neck and then I got comfortable for 45 minutes.

They normally allow the numbing cream to set for 30 minutes, but because I asked so many questions, we left it on a bit longer. Chanelle removed the numbing cream in sections as she went, and I think that helped, as certain areas were able to numb for longer. During the Microneedling they performed two passes, one deep and one shallow. I thought that the deep one would hurt more, but that wasn’t the case as it was the shallow pass that was more noticeably uncomfortable. Most of the needling was easily manageable and parts like the cheek, jaw, and neck, I could barely feel. However, the base of the nose and around the lips are where I felt the most pain.

In those more tender areas, I requested to take a quick breather and Chanelle was super understanding. Chanelle checked in with me throughout the entire process and offered breaks whenever I need it. During the treatment, they offer you a cooling air wand, called a Zimmer, that you can use on yourself. If given the option, I would recommend doing it yourself. Holding the Zimmer was not only a good distraction  but as your face heats up, you can move it to the parts that need cooling down the most.

After the Genius Microneedling, we moved on to the LaseMD which for me, didn’t hurt at all. She did 6 passes on each section, and I barely noticed it. You do have to get used to the clicking noises and smell. The sound reminded me a of the sound made by a taser…but on your face. I think I clenched my jaw a bit too much when she was doing this part, out of fear – not pain. Once the procedure was done, they put this amazing cooling mask on my face, offered me water or juice and let me rest until I was ready to leave. All in all, it weas a great experience. Yes, it was painful, but not as bad as I initially thought.

Recovery was also much smoother than I had expected, I did my treatment on Monday morning and went right back to work where I had back-to-back meetings scheduled. Looking back on it, I probably could have used a bit more rest time. I would recommend giving yourself an hour or so to rest afterward, if possible. After the treatment my face felt like I was experiencing the effects of a bad sunburn, a little spicy and hot. It didn’t help that we were in the middle of a heatwave, and it was 100 degrees outside when I did the treatment. The Hall and Wrye team sent me home with an ice pack and very clear instructions on post care such as staying out of the heat. Next time I do this, I’ll plan it in the afternoon so I can go home and rest.

The day after the treatment, I woke up feeling great. My face was a little swollen and a bit red but nothing to complain about. Over the next three days, my face began to itch but I was diligent about mot picking or scrubbing my face. I also made sure to use the recommended moisturizer and sunscreen throughout the day.

On day 7, I was scheduled for my post lase Dermaplane. I can’t tell you how excited I was for this. The dermaplaning felt great! Chanelle slowly shaved off all the dead skin and peach fuzz (which was more than I had expected) and I left the office feeling refreshed. The results improved even more over the next week as my skin continued to repair itself. Overall, I had a great experience and would do Genius Microneedling and LaseMD combo treatment at Hall and Wrye again!