Bring the Light Back into your Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. Even during casual encounters and conversations, your eyes will likely be the first thing someone notices. Your eyes express all of your emotions from excitement to disappointment. Your eyes and surrounding areas can also reveal your age.

Inevitably, as you begin to age things begin to move. One of those areas where you may see a lot of movement is your eyes and eyelids. The skin on your eyelids and around your eyes is very thin, so when the skin’s elasticity decreases, these areas begin to sag. The elasticity of your skin is simply the ability for your skin to bounce back and this ability declines over time.

Eyelids aren’t the only things that start to sag over time. Undereye bags can become excessive and puffy as well. Undereye bags can happen for multiple reasons ranging from a simple lack of sleep, to a hereditary condition- yes, you can blame your mom for your eye bags!

An eye-lift procedure can open up your top eyelid for brightness and eliminate the puffiness underneath. In this treatment, you are not trading sagging eyelids or puffy eye bags for a scar. The incisions are performed in a way that avoids visible scarring. Undergoing a blepharoplasty can subtly change your look by increasing the youthfulness and brightness of your eyes overall. In a matter of a couple of hours (1 to 3) your eyes will be wide, bright, and youthful.


  1. Avoid splashing water over the dressing to avoid infection, bruising or extended healing timeframes. After the dressing is removed, you are expected to keep your eyes and surrounding areas CLEAN and hygienic, washing them regularly.
  2. Apply ice packs over the eyelids and apply prescribed anti-bacterial ointments/creams. While the former reduces the swelling and pain, the latter keeps your eye/s infection free.
  3. For the next couple of weeks or so, you will want to keep away from direct sunlight. Undue exposure could trigger swelling and redness. Avoid excessive television viewing and reading. These chores typically strain your eyes, so it is best to avoid them for the stipulated period.
  4. Avoid wearing contact lens of any kind; numbered or cosmetic.
  5. Consume vitamin rich food, especially those which are ripe with A, B and E.
  6. Refrain from wearing a makeup.
  7. Religiously follow these instructions and take your medicines for the recommended duration.