How soon can I be bathing suit ready after a Breast Augmentation?

Having a breast augmentation can be an exciting procedure and with warm weather quickly approaching, a question that’s often considered is “How long does it take to heal from a breast augmentation?”

Before you plan your next beach outing or vacation, keep in mind these healing guidelines:

Everyone heals at a different rate, it’s important to listen to your body and your surgeon to make sure you’re making decisions that are in your best interest. Typically, the incision made for a breast augmentation is small and well hidden, making it easy to conceal. You’ll experience swelling and possible bruising but many patients feel like they are recovering after about 3-5 days post-surgery, however the swelling may linger for a few months.

Most patients are able to head to the beach and swim comfortably about 3-4 weeks post-surgery. Keep in mind, before you take a plunge into water for the first time post-surgery, it’s recommended that you get clearance from your surgeon, as a safety precaution.