Natural Or Athletic Breast Augmentation

You have noticed or you’re starting to notice, skin that’s drooping or WRINKLES and you might be considering having a face-lift, but, you do not know what the right age to do this is. With cosmetic surgery, time is usually everything. Scroll down this write up for you to know the right time to perform COSMETIC SURGERY.

Here is a top to toe guide that will enable you understand the appropriate time to perform cosmetic surgery.


It is not ideal that you wait until you look terrible so that you opt for a facelift. It is important that you do it early enough. If you do it on time, people will not notice if you have had a surgery; they may conclude you look rested.

Most women opt for a facelift when they are in their 50s or 60s. This is not an appropriate time. However, while you are in your 40s, your skin usually is quite elastic and thus the end result after you undergoes a facelift is most likely to be better.


It is ideal that a person performs a rhinoplasty when his or her facial bones have stopped growing. Thus, according to research the appropriate time for girls to perform this kind of surgery is when they 18 years of age and boys 19.

The reason as to why this type of surgery should be performed when a person is still young is because a persons’ skin normally ‘drapes’ better when he or she is young rather than old, thus making it being in a position to re-adapt itself very fast to the changed structure.


There are two reasons that make most women opt for LIPS ENHANCEMENT. 0ne of the reasons is in order to get lips such as those of models like Angelina Jolie and the other reason is for those women who have got their lips thinning as they get older and older.

According to research, a person’s’ lips usually begin thinning when he or she is on his or her late 20s. However, it is until an individual is in his or her late 30s that the effect starts becoming noticeable. Thus, the optimum age that is considered ideal for a person to undergo LIPS ENHANCEMENT is when he or she is about 37 years old.


According to studies, breast implants normally only last for a period of approximately 15 years or less if there happen to be any complications like hardening. With girls, BREAST IMPLANTis usually considered ideal when she has attained the age of 18 years. The reason is that, with such an age, her breasts are no longer developing. The upper limit for breast implants in ladies should be 50 years. If a woman’s breasts are sagging, a breast implant is necessary when she has stopped having children.


TUMMY TUCK is the type of COSMETIC SURGERY that is normally performed in the stomach. According to medical researchers, a woman should not opt for tummy tuck until she has had her last child. This is due to the fact that pregnancy normally makes the surgery pointless since the pregnant woman will be stretching everything again

A TUMMY TUCK is normally a fairly major surgery and thus before you undergo it you must be fit. Thus, this surgery is considered appropriate for a person when she is not below 35 years of age or not above 60 years of age. Again, the person must have stopped conceiving before undertaking this type of cosmetic surgery.

Hips and Thigh

It is not appropriate for a person who is below the age of 30 years to undergo liposuction except those who have inherited pronounced saddlebags. Basically, before this age, exercises and diet can do much better than surgery.

Generally, for this type of surgery, the more elastic and younger your skin is, the better the end results since the skin will have snapped back over the slimmer, new shape.


Laser SKIN RESURFACING normally is an aggressive procedure. Thus, this type of COSMETIC SURGERY is not worth doing until a person is in his or her 50s.

Last but not the least; I hope this article has assisted you to know the appropriate time that is ideal to undergo COSMETIC SURGERY. Make use of it each time you want to undergo any cosmetic surgery in any part of your body.

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