No One Needs To Know

For many people, defying gravity and small improvements to ones natural facial contour is desired, but many are fearful that they would look “too fake” or “like a blow up doll“. Although a small population of people who have had facial filler take it a wee bit too far, or they simply desire an unnatural look- HOWEVER this is atypical. Many people you know have had facial filler but *drum roll* you just don’t know it, because the injector was skilled and responsible. There are many techniques that nurse injectors use, helping you create the look you want. A common misconception about facial filler is that the changes will be so drastic that you won’t look like the same person, however this is NOT the case, and the difference will be remarkably elegant. Facial filler will help smooth fine lines, plump lips, and contour the natural symmetry of your face to better suit you. All of this is typically done without anyone being able to put their finger on why you look youthful and vibrant.

In short, facial filler subtly helps you achieve the look you desire. Wheather that desired result is simply not looking like your mother, or enhancing your natural aestethic- the best thing you can do is schedule a consult with a skilled nurse injector. Ask a nurse injector or doctor to see what they have to say about products that may be beneficial for you, and to further educate yourself before any decisions are made. Not only does pre-consulting help with the desission process, but it helps pass on knowledge so ill-informed desissions are not being made.

If you have questions about any skin care products you’re always welcomed to call the office of Doctors Hall and Wrye at 775-284-8296.