Real Life: I Ruined My Skin At Burning Man

Yup. It’s the season for feathers, flames, and fun out in the Black Rock Desert for the one and only Burning Man. After months of getting my skin perfectly prepped and even, I decided that I would skip my skin care regimen while romping around in the desert and go “all natural”, without using any products. At first I felt free, as if I forgot that nourishing my skin was a thing…then I hit day 3, and I hit it HARD. My even, smooth skin became dehydrated and dull, void of all life and radiance- like the playa itself. It seemed silly, that something so seemingly benign could affect my confidence while I was dancing around the desert. Why should anyone care what I look like? I’m aware that no one cares, but I do. Fast forward to day 7, after a week of sheer magic and absurdity, I’ve made it a point not to look at myself in any mirrors. When you’re listening to amazing music, admiring fantastic artwork, meeting some fascinating people, and participating in the burner community, you don’t make time to look in the mirror…UNTIL YOU DO. *Insert Mulan’s “Reflections” song*  My dehydrated, dull skin morphed into a red, congested, dry peeling mess. I was once so proud of how far I had come to achieve the porcelain skin I desired, and I felt as if I had wasted all my work within’ a week of neglecting it in such harsh conditions.

It took months for my skin to regain its even, glowing condition & I’d like to maintain it the best I can while braving the harsh conditions of the Black Rock Desert.  After hours of researching what products will provide the best protection on the Playa, the “Burning Man Survival Kit” was made. Containing “Hall and Wrye Vitamin C Cleansing Pads”, “”Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Body lotion” , “Elta MD UV Shield Sunscreen”, and “Hall and Wrye Soothing Antioxidant Mist” to keep your face and body glowing the entire time you’re out braving the dust. The kit was put together based off of convenience of usage and it’s necessity/ importance with an emphasis on being cost effective.

P.S.: When you’re out frolicking in the dust the “Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Lotion” is going the be THE ABSOLUTE BEST, since it reflects off the light.

If you have questions about any skin care products you’re always welcomed to call the office of Doctors Hall and Wrye at 775-284-8296.