Tips To Recover After Eyelid Surgery

When I was a child my grandmother used to tell me that eyes are capable of conveying thoughts, arouse emotions and attract people with its intense and mysterious element. And I thought it was just one of her bedtime stories. As I grew older and wiser I realized it was not a fairytale after all.

However, the “beauty” element of our eyes is secondary. The primary function is to provide vision. Unfortunately, as we grow they lose sheen due of various factors. One of the reasons is the loss of SKIN ELASTICITY which creates WRINKLES around the eyes. As we age the two most important proteins responsible for keeping our SKIN ELASTIC starts to diminish resulting in the formation of crow’s feet lines and sagging skin.

Eyelids on the other hand protect our eyes from foreign objects and keep them moisturized. Even they are susceptible, and form WRINKLES and turn puffy with age.

EYELID SURGERY or BLEPHAROPLASTY does not address these issues. It is recommended for people who want to get rid of fat, extra skin or re-contour its shape. Yet another set of people, such as Asians, typically look out for this option to sport fuller eyes, and at the same time maintain their ethnic individuality. Irrespective of the reason and ethnicity, the goal remains the same; to look good.

Mentioned below are some of the important recovery tips in case you undergo an eyelid surgery.


White pills and bottle.1. One of the most ignored and overlooked recovery tip is consumption of several basic drugs before surgery. Aspirins, ibuprofen and inflammation suppressing medicines should be completely avoided as they cause problem during and after the surgery.

2. Yet another tip which is brushed off lightly is the addiction to cigarettes and ALCOHOL, especially tobacco which prevents quick healing and more often than not leaves a scar around the problem area.

3. Before the surgery, especially the night before, keep way from all food and water intake.


beautiful woman water splash1. You need to avoid splashing water over the dressing. You could infect the bruising and extend the healing process. However, after the dressing is removed you are expected to keep your eyes and problem area CLEANand hygienic, washing them regularly. You need to consult your doctor who will explain in detail.

2. You will be asked to apply ice packs over the eyelids and also suggested some anti-bacterial ointments/creams. While the former reduces the swelling and pain, the latter keeps your eye/s infection free.

3. For the next couple of weeks or maybe more you will be asked to keep away from sunlight. Undue exposure could trigger swelling and redness. It may also result in infection. So stay inside your house for as long as possible. Avoid excessive television viewing and reading. These chores typically strain your eyes. So avoid them for the stipulated period.

4. Some of the other important tips are as follows. They might appear insignificant but believe me they can make the healing process a lot less painful and quicker.

• Avoid wearing contact lens of any kind; numbered or cosmetic.

• Consume vitamin rich food, especially those which are ripe with A, B and E.

• Refrain from wearing a makeup.

• Religiously follow these instructions and take your medicines for the recommended duration.

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