What is the difference between a Medical Spa and a Day Spa?

When your girlfriends book you for the day at the Spa, you may be thinking of a day lounging at the pool in between massage appointments and facials.  It is relaxing and often includes an adult beverage.  This type of spa would be known as a day spa.

A day spa specializes in massages, wraps, facials, pedicures, and the art of relaxation.  Most professionals at a day spa have their esthetician license and/or massage therapy license.  There is no requirement for licensed doctors or nurses on staff.

According to The American Med Spa Association, a medical spa is a hybrid between an aesthetic medical center and a day spa with four core elements: (1) the provision of non-invasive (i.e. non-surgical) aesthetic medical services; (2) under the general supervision of a licensed physician; (3) performed by trained, experienced and qualified practitioners; (4) with onsite supervision by a licensed medical doctor.

The difference between a medical spa and a day spa is significant.  A medical spa can perform injectable procedures like Botox, and laser procedures like ProFractional or BroadBand Light Therapy.  Because they are medical professionals, they can also offer advice and recommendation on more complex procedures such as cosmetic surgery.

At Hall and Wrye, we are both a Medical Spa facility and Plastic Surgeons.  This distinction provides our patients with onsite professionals for injectables and laser treatments, in addition to more complex procedures like liposuction, breast augmentation, and hair restoration.  We have two medical doctors on staff who work closely with local hospitals for not only elective surgery, but also reconstructive surgery.

Our board certified plastic surgeons own and operate both our medical facility and medical spas.