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Also known as “arm lift,” brachioplasty is a surgery that targets the removal of hanging tissues hanging off the upper arm in order to reshape the arm from the area above the elbow to the underarm. To further enhance the reshaping of the arms, the excess fat may be liposculpted. Those who seek brachioplasty are individuals who are unable to improve the condition of their upper arms through a regular diet and exercise program.


To result in a more proportional and smoother look, the surgeons will remove the excess tissues from the upper arm. They may also perform liposculpting prior to the arm lift if necessary. To start the brachioplasty, an incision is created from the axilla all the way to the area above the elbow, to be followed by the removal and lifting of the fat and excess skin, respectively. The arm lift plastic surgery ends with the closing of the incision along the inside contours of the arm in order to hide the stitches from direct view. Drs. Hall and Wrye recommend that the arm must have a gentle taper in order to achieve a natural look. In order to aid the healing process, drains may be inserted and kept in place for a minimum period of time.


Patients who opt for brachioplasty are men and women who no longer have elasticity of their skin and tissues along the upper arm area. This loss of elasticity is generally caused by a drastic loss of weight which usually results in the skin’s inability to retract following a long period of being overstretched. This condition also often leads to the formation of stretch marks on the area. Skin sagging on the upper arm area may also result from natural aging and hereditary characteristics. Patients who wish to undergo brachioplasty should be healthy individuals who have no medical condition that can increase any risk of the surgery or impair healing. Patients should be non-smokers and have stable weight without being too overweight. They should also have a positive and optimistic outlook, with a realistic set of expectations regarding the general results of their brachioplasty.

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Patients are advised to rest for a few days post-surgery, in order to recover. For the next two weeks, your activities and movements should be limited for proper healing to occur. During your follow up appointments Drs. Hall and Wrye will help guide you through the recovery process and advise on when you can resume normal activities including exercise.

Following the arm lift surgery, tighter and smoother contours are immediately seen, although you can expect bruising and swelling. Wraps or compression garments are set in place after the brachioplasty in order to provide support and minimize the swelling. Drs. Hall and Wrye will also prescribe medications such as antibiotics to alleviate minor pain and discomfort you may feel post-surgery.


Like any surgery, risks such as infection, bleeding, hematoma, and changes in skin sensation are present. However, the initial numbness that patients feel on the skin surface generally go away over time. Other possible complications from this surgery rarely occur and will be discussed with you during your consultation. In order to reduce chances for these risks to happen, you should observe proper care and medication also to be discussed with you by Drs. Hall and Wrye. Minimize sun exposure by avoiding to go out or if you must, always use sunscreen in order to prevent discoloration on the operated area. Scars will be present, but will eventually mature over a period of one year. Drs. Hall and Wrye will be recommending products for you that will promote faster healing of your scars.


The results of a brachioplasty can greatly improve one’s self-image. The arm lift will give you a significantly positive improvement in terms of your body’s proportions, but you will be having a visible scar. Drs. Hall and Wrye will do their best to minimize or hide its appearance. Many patients feel that the scar is a fair trade-off for having an improved look in terms of how their arms match their bodily proportions. Long-lasting and permanent results usually follow the brachioplasty, but you are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight. Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye are experts in arm lift surgery located in Reno, Nevada, call us now for consultation.

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