Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular procedure that enhances the size, shape and proportions of a woman’s breasts, using breast implants.  A breast augmentation can increase breast size, add symmetry to your breasts, restore volume to breasts after pregnancy, restore shape after weight loss or to reconstruct the breasts after a breast reconstruction surgery. A breast augmentation can change how you dress and improve self-confidence.


With decades of experience, Doctors Hall & Wrye make breast augmentation surgery straightforward and as comfortable as possible. After your consultation, we will recommend which implant incision site is right for you depending on your body’s anatomy and doctor’s recommendation.  Often times, the incision is made in the crease where the breast meets the chest, providing a beautiful cosmetic result. Every effort will be made to assure that surgical scars will be as minimal and inconspicuous as possible.


Some of the most popular questions regarding a breast augmentation are in regard to the choice of implant. We use Saline and Cohesive Silicone Gel implants (“Gummy Bear”/Memory Gel”). There are advantages of each type of implant but there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ breast implant considering different bodies require different implant styles and shapes to achieve the patients desired outcome. Choosing your breast implant is an individualized process that should be discussed between you and Doctors Hall and Wrye.

During the consultation session Dr. Hall or Dr. Wrye will guide you with your decision of implant type and size that suit your body best. There will be two types of breast implants to choose from: a silicone shell that’s filled with a saline (salt-water) solution, or with silicone gel. Dr. Hall or Dr. Wrye will also discuss the pros and cons of each type of implant as well as other features including a smooth or textured implant, round or tear-drop shaped shells, and low, medium, or high projection as well as the diameter.


To undergo a successful mammoplasty, patients need to be in good health both physically and mentally. Women who have physically fit or healthy bodies, reasonable and realistic preferences regarding their target breast size and shape can expect significant improvement from breast augmentation.

To undergo a successful breast augmentation, you must:

  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Be both physically and mentally healthy
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have realistic goals and expectations

We require that each patient meets with Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye to ensure that they are a good candidate for this procedure and to answer to patient questions about their desired result.

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Our cosmetic surgery team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe, effective surgical and non-surgical treatments for all areas of the body. Our board-certified plastic surgeons  focus on the relationship they build with each patient while helping them understand the procedure process.

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All breast augmentation surgeries are performed in a fully accredited surgical center or an outpatient hospital facility. A typical operation lasts for about one hour. Both Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye will operate on a patient at the same time. By doing this the patients isn’t under anesthesia for a great amount of time and they feel that by working together they can achieve a more balanced and natural look for their patients.

Patients will be prepped by the nurses at the surgery center. The doctor will meet with you, answer any last minute questions you may have and confirm size, shape and incision placement before going into surgery. You will then be given a dose of general anesthesia, where you will be put gently to sleep.


Fatigue and soreness will be felt following your breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye will be prescribing the appropriate medication to control whatever pain and discomfort you may have post-operation. We expect patients to be up and walking around 24 hours after surgery and back to most normal activities within a week or two. However, each person has a specific recovery period based on the kind of activity she typically does daily. After your post-operation visit (one week following the surgery), the doctors will look to see if swelling, shape and size are appropriate and if your incisions are healing properly. Instructions on how to massage your breasts will be taught to help prevent any capsules from forming. You will know your other post-operative instructions in detail during your pre-operative appointment with the nurse or medical assistant will go over your post-operative instruction in details.


As in any other surgery, there can be risks and other complications that may arise following a breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure. These risks may be implant breakage or leakage, sensitivity change of the nipples, and infection around the implant. However, these complications are experienced by only a very small number of women. Nevertheless, Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye will thoroughly discuss all the consequences and health risks you may encounter after a breast augmentation.


Women who have a breast augmentation implants are often very pleased and satisfied with the results, which include a fuller appearance of the breast, increased self-confidence, and a renewed personal outlook. Drs. Hall and Wrye know how personal the decision to have surgery is, so they always take the time to present personalized and customized surgical programs for their patients according to their desires and preferences. Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye are experts in breast augmentation surgery located in Reno, Nevada, call us now for consultation 775-284-8296

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