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Those that need an eyelid lift surgery will find the surgery makes the eyelids less droopy. The technical name of eyelid surgery is Blepharoplasty. It can take care of droopy eyelids and removes excess bags and puffiness under the eyes. Those who suffer from the above conditions, as well as those who have advanced or large bags under the eye area are often excellent candidates for this surgery. In general however, this surgery is not recommended for those that have crow’s feet as their primary symptom. It is designed for those who have under eyelid fat and sagging skin under the eyes.


This eyelid lift procedure is relatively simple and uncomplicated. It usually takes about 1 to 3 hours for the surgery to be performed. Those that are getting the surgery should make arrangements to be driven home from the clinic. It is a simple process but recuperation time needs to be taken into account. The procedure is usually done under a local or general anesthetic. The patient will be lightly sedated during the surgery but may still feel a slight tugging during the process itself. The individuals who have this surgery recover quickly, usually within a short 2 to 3 day time period, the individual will be reading.


The method involves taking the eyelid and marking the lines that the surgeon will follow when actually performing the surgery. They will be making incisions that follow the natural line of the eyelid. The creases in the upper lids and the creases in the lower lids. This will allow for a more natural looking curve to your eye and one that will look extremely realistic. The incisions may also include the crow’s feet area of the lid. The surgeon will then remove the fat from under the lid. They will also often repair the sagging muscle underneath the eye. The surgeon finishes the process by using extremely fine sutures to close the incisions. This is the basic procedure. It is a fairly simple process, but one that requires great skill to perform.

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The best candidates for an eyelid lift surgery are those that may be 35 years of age and a bit older. Younger people may have a hereditary condition that causes droopy lids or fat under the eyelids. The prime candidates for the surgery are those that have excessive bagginess, puffiness or issues with sagging skin on and under the eyelids. Candidates that have high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes or some sort of physical complication that make both the surgery and the recovery process difficult are generally less than ideal candidates for the procedure. Those that just are generally concerned about crow’s feet do not make good candidates for the surgery. The individual should also be psychologically stable and not expecting a “miracle cure” to improve their appearance.


As mentioned previously, the surgery is a fairly short process on average taking between 1-3 hours. The anesthesia is a light general anesthetic that involves a sort of conscious sedation for the patient.
If the facelift involved a drainage tube, this will be removed after one to two days from the day of the surgery. The staples and sutures will be removed from the incisions within 5 to 10 days after the surgery. Drs. Hall and Wrye usually discourage vigorous physical activity during the recovery period. These activities include bending, lifting, straining, and the like. Direct exposure to sunlight is also discouraged during the post-operative period, and a sunblock is usually advised for use among patients to maintain an even-toned skin.

Although fully asleep, the patient may still feel a bit of the surgical procedure. This process is generally done in a surgical clinic. This would involve a momentary tugging or tightening of the skin. This is a process that should be relatively easy for the individuals to endure.


Recovery from the eyelid lift surgery is short term. Those that have had this surgery will generally need to have someone drive them home from the office. They may want to take 2 to 3 days to recover from the surgery, but should do fine once their lids have healed, and any residual swelling from the procedure has gone down. Individuals will be able to read after this time period, but it may take them 7 to 10 days to return to work. Many individuals have excellent results within the short term, that is why this is an uncomplicated surgery that requires little downtime from previous activities. Recovery is not the same for every individual, but many people are not terribly bothered by the effects of the surgery.


Eyelid lift surgery or Blepharoplasty surgery although simple, as with all surgery involves some risks. One of the risks of the procedure is the fact that minor infections although rare still can happen. Most of the risks would include temporary discomfort. This usually remains for the first 2 to 3 days. Other possible risks may include sensitivity to light. There may also be temporary swelling and bruising with the procedure, but most individuals find that these side effects are temporary. The bulk of these problems should be resolved in the first few days, but some surgery participants report the sensitivity to light issue weeks after the surgery. These complications are rare though and many individuals find they are fully recuperated within a week to 10 days.


Most people are extremely pleased with this process and their look after the process. They still “look like themselves” with the addition of having a fresh look to the eye area. The sagging and drooping they have previously experienced will be gone. The great thing about this process is that the results will last for several years sometimes permanently. So, if you are a good candidate and are bothered by drooping eyelids this process may work for you. Schedule a consultation to make sure this process is for you. You may be amazed when looking at your before and after pictures in regard to the surgery.

Dr. Hall and Dr. Wyre are board certified Plastic Surgeons that will do their best to take care of you during the procedure. All potential candidates once they pass their initial screening can be assured of state of the art and ethical treatment at the hands of these plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery is not for everyone, but if you are a candidate bothered by drooping eyelids or puffiness under your eyes, you should definitely contact the professionals at Hall and Wrye. They will make your blepharoplasty a success. That is why so many individuals seek out the surgeons at Hall & Wrye. It is one of the best in the nation. Dr. Hall and Dr. Wrye are experts in eyelid lift surgery located in Reno, Nevada, call us now for consultation 775-284-8296.

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